The Power of 40

Discover God's greater purpose for you

 For the next forty days complete this journey, intently tune in to God, and expect change to manifest in your life. God created each of us with a purpose and I challenge you to tap into it. Fast - Pray - Journal!

T. Beltran

As an Author and speaker T Beltran uses wisdom gained in the trenches of life to encourage others and help them realize their value. God gifted her with a burden for the well-being of people and the community long before her work actually began. T, a native of the Carolinas, has spent many years working with a consortium of different charitable operations in the U.S., South Africa, and Namibia. Her book on fasting, The Power of 40, The Journey to your Destiny is an encouraging guide helping to transform people’s lives for the better. Her current book, Rivers of Living Water, is a memoir about her missionary journey and her experiences of tenacity and courage to walk by faith. Her life and heart were forever changed and it all began with a 40 day fast and a drive to walk in her purpose. T loves to travel and experience the beauty of different cultures. She drank her first cup of coffee in South Africa and was introduced to Rooibos tea, both of which are now "must-haves" in her pantry. T currently lives with her husband in Maryland.

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21 days of consistency can break or create a habit but 40 days of fasting and prayer can transform your outlook on life! I have peace, clarity, and direction that I've never experienced before.